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Denis Manning has been instrumental in the development of seven of the world's fastest motorcycles, with an eighth addition, the Mark-2 Monocoque Chassis of the BUB SEVEN STREAMLINER. He is an accomplished racer, having competed in motorcycle racing events, particularly on the Bonneville salt Flats, for over 50 years. During this time, he has achieved the title of the world's fastest motorcycle four times. His first record was set in 1970 with the Harley Davidson streamliner, piloted by Cal Rayborn, reaching a top speed of 265.492 mph. This iconic motorcycle was also highlighted in Bruce Brown's classic film "On Any Sunday." The BUB SEVEN STREAMLINER made history as the first motorcycle to run a sub-10-second mile. In 2004, Denis founded the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials, which has grown to become an AMA Grand National event. Despite the limited availability, we have meticulously collected photographs of the early streamliners for your viewing pleasure. Please peruse our photo galleries.

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BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials

Denis Manning built his first motorcycle streamliner when he was in his early 20s. Although the Suzuki streamliner never set any records, it did show Denis how difficult it is to actually build a motorcycle streamliner.  Lessons he never forgot.​

Denis Manning second streamliner was the world record setting Harley Davidson immortalized in the cult classic film "On Any Sunday"​

Denis Manning's third motorcycle streamliner was piloted by Boris Murray. Pictures of this motorcycle streamliner are extremely rare, if anyone out there has pictures of this bike that they would like to share I would love to have them for this collection.

Denis Manning's fourth motorcycle streamliner was also piloted by Boris Murray. The Gulf livery makes this one of the most beautiful streamliners of all time.

Denis Manning's 5th motorcycle streamliner was named tenacious.

Denis Manning's 6th motorcycle streamliner was named tenacious II.

Denis Manning's 7th motorcycle streamliner was named SEVEN.

#7 liner w-speed+ .jpeg


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