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The Bonneville Legends Collection


Denis Manning has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of constructing and racing the world's fastest motorcycles. His machines have broken the outright world record on four distinct occasions. In 2004, he established the International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field, Denis Manning was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2006. His book, Motorcycle Streamliner: My Life in the Fastest Lane, chronicles his legendary career in landspeed racing, featuring historical images and Denis's engaging, conversational storytelling style. The book is exclusively available for purchase at

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Ray C Wheeler was one of the most memorable characters you will ever meet! He was a well-loved fixture at the BUB Speed Trials for many years. His bright orange race bike was one of the most beautiful builds to ever grace the salt!

Manning-Yates (24 × 18 in) (39).png
If you get Denis Manning talking about Dan Kinsey, he will gladly go on for hours. Dan was just a true American farm boy when he got his first job at S&S cycles. While working for George Senior he got the nickname Boone, as in Daniel Boone. Dan pulled Double Duty at Bonneville riding the TRAMP II (pictured) and piloting the Tenacious I Streamliner. Denis says Dan was not only fearless, but the best pilot in the wind hands down!

I was lucky enough to be there with Erin right after she completed her first ever pass on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Watching her excitement as she described her run to her future husband Andy Sills, is still one of my favorite Bonneville memories. Erin's racing career since that first run has been nothing less than spectacular! From Bonneville to Bolivia her team has amassed more than 45 records including the Guinness world record for “Fastest Woman on a Conventional Motorcycle”. Her advocacy for female riders and land speed racing in general has made her one of the most influential voices in the sport today. Her likeness, along with one of her motorcycles, can be found in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC right next to the Mario Andretti display.
I am very proud to call her my friend.


Andy Sills was the most talented motorcycle land speed racer I have ever known. Andy's talent on a motorcycle was only matched by his exuberance for life and the joy he brought to everyone he encountered. Andy was taken from us far too soon but his zeal for life and his infectious smile will remain with many of us forever.
Live like Andy!

Jimbo Legend Final.png

I first met Jimbo Fisher in 2006 while working the international 8 mile at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials. Jimbo arrived at the 8 mile early in the day after completing his first “Run what you brung” pass. He hung out at the 8 mile until almost the end of the day. Jimbo had misunderstood the run what you Bung rules and was not allowed to make a return run like riders that were attempting to set records. Unfortunately, what this meant for Jimbo was that he had come all the way from Chicago just to make one pass on the Bonneville salt Flats. Jimbo was obviously upset, mostly at himself, but asked my dad and me if we could get him a copy of the AMA rulebook. The next year Jimbo was back, this time as a full-fledged competitor. In the early part of the 2007 event, Jimbo was able to set a new AMA record and add his name to the record books. Jimbo then exchanged his racing leathers for a red T-shirt and spent the rest of the event working as a volunteer. In my opinion, this makes Jimbo more than a Bonneville legend but a true example of the amazing potential we are all capable of. Jimbo has gone on to amass 28 land speed records and continues to push the limits of his machine and himself.


SUPER HIRO! Anyone who actually knows Hiro knows why he makes my list of Legends. You will never find a nicer or smarter guy on the salt. Hiro's many talents are truly on a stratospheric level!
Hiro Koiso Racing has set more than 25 FIM World & AMA National land speed records.

The fastest sit on Harley-Davidson in history at 260.804mph

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The father-and-daughter team of Wiltz and Belen Wagner hold an astounding total of 69 land speed records. This massive achievement puts them at the top of the record books in the company of names like Mickey Thompson. Belen did not just open the door for other female Riders in LSR, she blew it right off the hinges! What Belen did in the then-male-dominated sport of LSR is comparable to what Shirley Muldowney did in drag racing.

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Kit's skills as a master motorcycle fabricator and land speed racer have been without question. Kits race bikes stand out from the crowd, even in a crowd of ultra-customized Bonneville race bikes.

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